To some a web enthusiast, who enjoys designing, building, discovering, and creating for the interwebz. To others, I am a nomadic soul that represents to them the courage to travel. To myself? Well, I’m still trying to figure that out I suppose.

Why Travel?

When I first entered my teenage years, I volunteered at a nursing home. I learned a lot of things that shaped me today, but the most important one was the inspiration to travel. It’s ironic to think one of the most inspirational motivation in my life came from one the most depressing places I’ve been.

Every single person in that nursing home that I had the pleasure of speaking to all had one similar thing to tell me, to go see the world. Everything else could wait, but good health and opportunity does not. It was instantly engraved into my young brain.

The one’s who had traveled had the best stories and seemed to be at peace with their fates. The others, seemed to all have this common thought about how they traveled more.

Why Poetry?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had so much running through my head. With details of a childhood I won’t dive too deep into, I found comfort in writing. It started off with free blogging tools such as Blogspot and Xanga. As I got older, my writing progressed and with the blogging came poetry. I started to find a certain release in poetry and creative writing that I have never experienced before. Since then, I have never turned back and started making my poetry more publicly known.