Paradisio at the Gorge Amphitheatre

Sunsets at Paraidsio at the Gorge Amphitheatre

Paradisio was my perfect chance to knock off the Gorge Amphitheatre form my bucket list. Quoted as being one of the most scenic venues in America, I was keen to discover this majestic venue.

Global Eclipse Gathering

Watching full solar Eclipse at Global Eclipse Festival

A week long festival that was centered around the solar eclipse. Global Eclipse Gathering was a once in a lifetime opportunity and festival goers dream.

Dirtybird BBQ DC

Dirtybird DC 2017 Featured Image

There no party like a Dirtybird party! Dirtybird BBQ in Washington D.C. was nothing short of amazing. A day full of dancing, filthy beats, and great vibes.

Pretty Lights Telluride

Pretty Lights is one of my favorite artists and Telluride, Colorado has one of the most beautiful reputations. So what do you two when the two are combined for a festival on your birthday? Get a group and go!

The Magic of Shamb

Shambhala was the festival I have been waiting for. I had high expectations and those were surpassed. I highly recommend everyone to make it to this festival at least once.

The New Camp Bisco

Bisco was brought back after a year of being gone. It was time to see if the new Bisco was going to be anything like the old Bisco. For those who don’t know, Camp Bisco was one of the wildest festivals in the US.

Electric Forest

Electric Forest was the main festival goal in 2015. I knew the most people attending this festival and heard great things. Above all other summer goals, this was the one I was going to make.

Glorious Governors Ball

Governors Ball is a yearly event that happens on Randall’s Island in New York. It has a well-curated lineup in my opinion so I decided to see some friends and check it out!

Mysteryland USA 2.0

Mysterland USA was another festival I heard great things about from people I valued their opinion. I made an effort to attend the second annual USA version.