Greetings, the name is B. Youngz. My life consists of traveling the world while writing down the thoughts that cross my messy mind. My website is a little mixture of both and view into a day in the life.

To some a web enthusiast, who enjoys designing, building, discovering, and creating for the interwebz. To others, I am a nomadic soul that represents to them the courage to travel. To myself? Well, I’m still trying to figure that out I suppose.

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    • Secrets In Your Bones

      I whisper secrets into your skin so they seep into your bones.
      Your skeleton is full of words your ears will never know.

    • Etneral Sunshine

      The adventure of life is not measured in distance or time,
      But the moment the soul advances one step closer to its eternal sunshine.

    • Wishes

      She smells like every birthday candle I ever wasted my breath on,
      And taste like every shooting star I ever made a wish upon.

    • Songless and Flightless

      She was a bird locked in a cage, so she never knew how to fly.
      The only sound she ever made, was a soft cry.
      No wonder why she felt like she never belongs,
      she was such a beautiful bird but without a song.

    • Injecting Insecurities

      You’re a monster that has no equal,
      Loading your insecurities in a needle and injecting them into people.

      You have the audacity to say I’m digging my own grave,
      but I’m not the one with a shovel and hands covered in shame.

      In the end, you can try and blame it all on me,
      But I’ll never regret setting myself free.


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