10 Travel Apps you Need for your Next Adventure

We are fortunate enough to have technology at our fingertips that has made adventuring in this day and age much easier. Below are ten essentials apps that I have personally used as I make my way around the globe. I tried to pick my favorite for different categories of the travel scene.

  1. Maps.me– offline maps. This app beats Google OfflIne Maps. I have found google to be very sketchy and Maps.me has not let me down for an offline map once. While Google dosen’t have maps for everywhere in the world, maps.me does.
  2. Trip Advisor – for hostels – Anyone who has done some traveling knows that hostels love to brag about their Trip Advisor ratings. When looking up a hostel or even a hotel, check them out. Of course, a lot of people use AirBNB, but I like to be social.
  3. Journi – A travel Journal App – this app is amazing for keeping the record of what you are doing. You can write snippets of what happens all day and when you get to some free wifi publish it all to the web. It helps keep your adventures organized!
  4. Google Translate – Google has recently really stepped their game up with this app. Although not the best, you can even take pictures of foreign text and have it translated directly on your phone. Don’t really recommend for trying to talk to locals though, but can definetly help you understand their language.
  5. Packpoint – for packing – I am one of the most forgetful people in the entire world (thanks mom!) so I need a list(s) to keep me in place. This app not only helps you make packing lists, but checks the weather, share your lists with travelers, and keep track of activities planned.
  6. Uber – to get around. Uber is pretty world wide and cheaper to get around. Also, if you’ve ever been to a foreign country, you know how the taxi drivers can be. It’s no fun hassling someone who barely speaks the same language as you. Also, for some places, like South Africa, this was a safer bet than a taxi.
  7. Couchsurfing app – ask locals for advice or meet some friends! – This one is one of my personally favorite. You can find a couch to sleep on, find a mate to go out with, or ask locals for advice on just about anything!
  8. XE Currency – works offline and useful to know what you’re being charged when you’re using your credit card places.
  9. Skyscanner – For those who don’t already know, Skyscanner is uses for flights, hotels, and rental cars. I personally really only use for the flight information. It will show you cheapest days to fly and set alerts when prices change.
  10. WhatsApp – pretty much every country but the United States uses this as their default messaging app. If you’re a social butterfly like myself, you will want this app to stay in contact with friends you meet abroad.

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