Passing Through Port Elizabeth

Passing Through Port Elizabeth

I was going to start a continuous road trip from Port Elizabeth all the way to Johannesburg. I booked my trip with Baz Bus which is a backpackers bus that takes you from town to town and you can jump off and on as much as you’d like. I came to Port Elizabeth previously for a night so I wanted to come back and spend another day or two here. To be honest, there isn’t too much here.

Port Elizabeth or PE for short, is one of South Africa’s largest cities and is a major seaport for South Africa that was originally built by the British.

My Port Elizabeth Expierence

As stated above, there really isn’t too much to do here. I spent a day pretty much walking the entire esplanade from King’s Beach all the way to the CBD. Down by King’s Beach is where you will find most of the tourists there for a vacation.

Once I made it to the CBD, I made my way to check out Route 67. Route 67 is a 67 piece art installation that is dedicated to Nelson Mandela’s work of 67 years dedicated to South Africa’s freedom.

After that I went to Stanley Street which is a couple blocks of an art district with some hip restaurants and art studios. If you end up in Port Elizabeth, I suggest coming down here to grab some food. Other than that, not too much to do here.