Adventuring Victoria Falls Guide

Adventuring Victoria Falls Guide

Who doesn’t want to see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world? Victoria Falls is an adrenaline junkies dream or luxurious loungers paradise. This adventuring Victoria Falls guide will cater more for the thrill seekers who are looking to get their fix.

Where to Stay?

If you’ve done any sort of research, you will know you can either stay in Zambia or Zimbabwe. Both countries allow you stay within minutes of walking distance to the falls. Also, accessing the other country is as easy as walking across a bridge. I was able to visit both sides and personally favored the Zimbabwe side more. Here’s why:

  • Zimbabwe has more viewpoints and the main falls viewpoint
  • Victoria Falls flow year round in Zimbabwe
  • Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe is more accessible and has more options for dining out and shops
  • Zimbabwe is easier to access Chobe, Botswana where you can have a top-notch safari

Picking a Place in Zimbabwe

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay with a local who’s connected to the tourism industry in Victoria Falls, reasonably priced, and can help coordinate your trip? Well, you can and his name is Paul Teasdale.

Paul lives within minutes walking distance of Victoria Falls and offers private rooms in a guest house. Paul is from Zimbabwe who’s true passion is for adrenaline. He loves it so much he started his own company that sponsors extreme athletes from around the world. He has connections in helping you schedule any activities you want to do and has some secret local spots he just may be willing to share with you. Staying with Paul really makes your trip to Victoria Falls that much better. You can reach him directly by sending a message [email protected]

Before You Go

At the time of this post, here are some tips in helping you be prepared for your adventures in Victoria Falls.

Zimbabwe Only Accepts USD

Be prepared to only spend USD cash when you’re there. You can use your credit card in most restaurants but I would plan for not using your credit at all. You will find that using USD instead of your credit card is much easier.


Zimbabwe currently does not have any ATMs accessible in the country due to the cash crises. Make sure to bring more than enough USD on you before you enter Zimbabwe.

Grab a Kaza Visa

Recently brought back is the Kaza visa that allows people from certain countries to gain a visa for multiple countries upon arrival. For example, when landing in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, you can gain a visa for Botswana(Kazungula Land Border), Zimbabwe, and Zambia at once.

Medical Information

At the time of this post, you currently DO NOT need a Yellow Fever vaccinations for visiting Victoria Falls – Zambia or Zimbabwe. However, this seems to change every few years for both Zambia and Zimbabwe so I recommend just getting it anyways. Better safe than sorry.

Victoria Falls and surrounding area are high risks for Malaria and you will want to bring your tablets with you.

Adventuring Victoria Falls Guide Activities

Victoria Falls is not short of any adrenaline pumping activities you can do. A visit to Vicotria Falls will make you understand why it’s nicknamed the adventure capital of Africa. These are the top three activities I recommend.

Helicopter Ride

There is only one true way of seeing Victoria Falls and all its glory. That is to be up in the sky so you can get the ultimate view. Not only will you get a full view of the mighty Victoria Falls, but you have high chances os seeing African wildlife from above. Have your camera ready as everything beautifully passes by quickly.

White Whiter Rafting the Zambezi

If you can only pick one activity to do – make it the white water rafting on the Zambezi! The Zambezi River is world famous in the rafting community. This is definitely something you can’t leave Victoria Falls without doing. True white whiter enthusiasts travel from every inch of the globe to rafting the mighty Zambezi.

Bungee Jumping or Gorge Swing

If you wish to jump off a cliff over the Zambezi then you have some options! Here you will want to do either the bungee jumping or the gorge swing. Both activities including jumping off the top of the Zambezi River by a rope. They both will leave you dangling over the water while you hear it roar in your ears. So which one do you pick? Choose the gorge swing.

The bungee jump is much more expensive than the gorge swing. The gorge swing glides you over the Zambezi while the bungee jumps straight into the mist of the falls. The gorge swing will offer a better view because of this and it’s easier to see the river on a swing instead of upside down.

Safari in Chobe, Botswana

If you have the time, make an overnight safari trip to Chobe National Park. Botswana provides a much more affordable safari than a lot of other places such as Tanzania or South Africa. Chobe National Park offers diverse landscape ranging from the Arid Central Kalahari Game Reserve, to the Protected Wetland and World Heritage site know as the Okavango Delta.