Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico

The last stop of my road trip to Colorado was New Mexico. Another state I have never been to or barely knew anything about. I stayed with a group of people I barely knew but probably had the most fun with on my entire trip. They were such a great household and loved their company.

First Thoughts

Most people either know New Mexico for Rosewell or Breaking Bad. I was indeed one of those people. My first thoughts were how pretty surrounding Albuquerque and just New Mexico was. New Mexico is mostly desert but actually, contains a lot of mountain ranges. The Rockiest start in the north part of New Mexico.

Old Town

You almost feel you are no longer int he US with Albuquerque as the Spanish influence is still heavily seen along with the natives. The city is filled with historic adobe buildings and shops selling Native American handcrafts. Most of these can be found in what they call Old Town. The influence of the Pueblo natives can be seen in every aspect of the city. This was honestly my favorite part. Old town is a bit touristy but was really cool. Lots of shops and local art makers to check out.

New Mexican Food

New Mexicans take pride in their food but don’t you dare call it Mexican. It’s New Mexicon food and it was absolutely delicious. I was taken to Perea’s New Mexican Restaurant, which is the best Mexican-based food I’ve had to this day in the US.

Breaking Bad House

I’m not a huge Breaking Bad fan, but I still had to go check out the house. Who knows when I would ever be back in this city. Let’s just say to go see the house at your own risk. The current residents of this house are not very friendly to on lookers. I casually drove by and parked my car a couple blocks down. From there I walked and took a couple pictures from the other side of the street. This place is private property which is when I stayed on the public street and didn’t even get close to the house. A simple google search will show a lot of negative experiences checking out this house. In all fairness, this is mostly due to people disrespecting their house.

Sandia Mountains

My friends took me to a hiking trail right out Albuquerque that allowed you to overlook the city. The Sandia Mountains are located east of the city and gave a stunning view. I had no idea that New Mexico has this kind of landscape. I was very grateful to see one of their favorite hiking trails.

Overall I really enjoyed New Mexico. It’s a place that is pretty different from most of the US. I had no idea what to expect but it easily became one of my favorite states after visiting.