The Hilly City of San Francisco

The Hilly City of San Francisco

San Francisco is a city I’ve always heard heaps about but have never visited until my west coast road trip. Famous for the tech scene, amazing food, all night dancing scene, and beautiful landscape, I was really excited to check this out. Over the past couple years I made a couple friends I was excited to go visit.

The Food Scene in San Fransico

The closer you get to California, the better the Mexican food gets. While being in California, all I had on my mind was eating delicious Mexican food. My friend lived two blocks from a legendary taco and burrito places called La Taqueria.La Taqueria is located in the heart of the mission district of San Francisco.

Sight Glass was such an awesome little coffee shop that is a local’s favorite. It a bi-level shop that offers coffee brew lessons, heaps of coffee beans, food, and miscellaneous items.

I wanted to try something that was a bit more different and San Fransico has a reputation for Burmese food. I was excited to try a new style of food. In the end, I ended up at Burmese Kitchen, which was absolutely amazing. I have never tried such flavorful food in the U.S.

Walking Around San Francisco

I wanted to spend a day walking around myself and getting lost in the city. The city has a lot of iconic areas and monuments I wanted to see. After satisfying my food quench, I set the next day to check out the areas of San Fransico.

Dolores Park

Dolores Park in San Fransico is an awesome park filled with youth that is usually smoking weed freely in the park. It’s pretty hard to take a walk around the park without smelling “skunks.” Besides the skunk smell, Dolores park offers a great view of San Francisco and into the bay

Golden Gate Bridge

Probably the most iconic monument in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge was an absolute must. The famous bridge connects Oakland to San Fransico I was actually able to see the entire bridge which is usually so rare from the haze that typically engulfs San Francisco. I walked about halfway across the bridge and back overlooking the San Francisco Bay. from the bridge, you can see one of America’s most infamous prisons, Alcatraz.</p>