Keeping Austin Texas Weird

Keeping Austin Texas Weird

En route to Colorado, Austin, Texas was a city I was really excited to check out. It has been on my list for awhile now and Austin was even a place I considered living just off what I’ve heard alone. I was fortunate enough to have a couple close friends from there that I was able to stay with.

Austin City

My friend Aspen, was able to take me out a couple times while I was in town. She took me down the infamous six street, which is known for rowdy bars. It just seemed a little trashy for me and was mostly underage college kids. The cops are there waiting to pick fights with people too drunk to shut their mouth.

Austinhas some of the best tex-mex style and bbq food I’ve ever had. I was taken to a placed called Torchy’s Tacos, which is a Texas staple.Anyone who is into tacos definitely needs to check out this place at some point. For bbq, I was able to try Franklin Barbecue, which has mouth water texas style bbq. Highly recommend trying out their brisket.

Castle Hill

Austin has a reputation of being desirable culture for millennials. Castle Hill is a beautiful concept and really brings the culture of Austin out. Castle Hill is a foundation of a building that has been turned into a graffiti sanctuary. At any given point you can see people adding their own artwork or tags and people doing photo shoots. It’s definitely a must see to get a good feel of Austin.

The Bats

Austin has a famous saying, “keep Austin weird.” One of the many weird features is the bats that made Congress Bridge their home. Every night as dusk you can see hundreds of bats waking up and flying off into the night. My new friend Jonathon (Aspen’s Boyfriend), took me to go check out these bats.

Barton Springs

Barton Springs is a swimming hole located on the outskirts of Austin. The water comes from underground springs and is the way the locals cool down all summer. They turned the springs into a natural pool with slides and diving boards into the water. You can even see fish swimming by!