Big Game Fishing Mauritius

Every weekend I was pretty much out on a boat in Mauritius so it was a matter of time till we had a big game fishing Mauritius trip. My friend had a family friend coming to town from France and wanted to do a men’s outing of big game fishing. I was the odd man out for I could barely understand French while everyone spoke French fluently.

Our Big Game Fishing Mauritius Trip

My friend’s dad being well connected in the Mauritius world had friends who ran a fishing charter. We went aboard the vagabond two that was a nice size for the group of people we had. My friend and I set off a bit early to meet the boat so we could help set everything up. In the meantime, his dad went to pick up the French party.

We spent most of the day drinking alcohol while munching on snacks for a couple hours. We were on the hunt for marlin but after several hours we started losing hope. It doesn’t help two people weren’t handling the waves too well. Eventually, we made the decision to start heading back as we had several hours of nothing. Right as we make the decision, we see tons of birds in the sky circling a large area. We already knew what time it was. As we approach we started casting smaller rods and instantly were reeling in Yellowfin Tuna. In the 20 minutes we spent fishing,
we caught six of them.


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