Canberra (Australian Capital City)

Canberra (Australian Capital City)

Cleanest City of ‘Straya

On the weekend of Australia’s election, we were in Canberra. As you can see from the post, Canberra is the Australian Capital Territory (Similar to Washington D.C. in the US). We had an amazing Couchsurfing host in Canberra who actually worked in parliament.

Saturday, the 7th was the election day. As you can see, the old parliament building was decorated with voters which was pretty cool to see. I personally don’t know much but Australian politics, but I do know that most people I came in contact with are not fans of the new Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

Overall Canberra was a pretty clean city and pleasant to walk around, but I can see why people get bored fast. Besides the historical and political party of Australia, which you can cover in one day, it is a rather quiet city. Our host was amazing and it was nice to spend the weekend there.

Me in front of the parliament building.