Capitol Reef National Park

Captiol Reef was a quick drive by for me. I drove by and made a couple stops on my way to Moab. I honestly went into this National Park blind and had no idea what to expect. Come to find out, there is a bunch of history and like every National Park in Utah, some strange rock formations.

Backgorund on the Park

I found out that Capitol Reef National Park was situation around a wrinkle around the Earth known as the Waterpocket Fold. This location in the red rock country provided stunning views of rock formations along the trails. Similar to Zion, you can get right up close and personal with the huge red rock sandstone formations. The park’s name, Capitol Reef, is pictured in the featured image. It is a large segment of rock formations along ht e Waterpocket Fold and the edge of the Fremont River.

The parks itself is rather small but worth a visit if you’re traveling between Bryce Canyon and Moab. As far as hiking, this park offered my favorite views of the small hike that I was able to squeeze in. Apparently, Capitol Reef is the place to be for the nighttime stars. Unfortunately, I had to miss out on that.


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