Christmas at Olympic National Park

Christmas at Olympic National Park

Arriving in Port Angeles, we learned that most of Olympic National Park was closed due to recent snow. However, this would be my first snow experience in a rainforest and I was still very excited. I’ve been to numerous rainforest around the world, but all of them were tropical. The snow really brought out the colors of the rainforest. We woke up early in our Port Angeles hotel to make our way down the 101.

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent at Olympic National Park

Since most the park was shut down, we decided to spend the day around Lake Crescent. The lake resides in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains and was carved by glaciers. The snow really added beauty to the lake. We drove around the lake on highway 101 pulling vote multiple stops to take breathtaking pictures. Our favorite was right by the lodge where the trail for Marymere Falls was. There was a floating dock that went onto the lake with no one around.

Marymere Falls

After driving around Lake Crescent for a bit, we decided to look up any hikes that we could possibly do. Nothing too strenuous since there was snow on the ground, but we wanted to do more than drive and take pictures. We set our sights on Marymere Falls.

The 1.7mi trail is a very popular and accessible hike for novices, which made it a perfect option while there was snow. The trial was mostly flat but still covered in snow. Walking down the snow-covered paths really brought out the lush rainforest colors. The towering giants that consisted of hemlocks, firs, and spruces were gleaming in the snow as we walked by.

The end of the trail was a bit tricky as we had a small incline that was covered in ice. Fortunately, we were able to walk up in the snowy parts while grasping the handrail. Upon reaching the top after sliding around a bit, we made it to the waterfall. Marymere Falls was flowing heavily while everything around it was covered in ice. This was a first time seeing a waterfall in snow conditions before.

Marymere Falls in snow at Olympic National park Washington