Daintree Rainforest

Camping in Daintree Rainforest and visiting Cape Tribulation

After spending a day on the reef, we went and camped in the Daintree Rainforest. The next day we planned on waking up and going to Cape Tribulation. One of the main parts of Daintree, Cape Tribulation is only accessible by a ferry and a very small peninsula off the northern tip of Australia. Filled with beautiful beaches and waterfalls. It was amazing to spend the day hiking around here. Made another gallery of the rainforest below.

Cairns Pt.2

After two days of the reef and rainforest, we went back to Cairns. Amanda and Sandra got hostels while I went back to my Couchsurfing host. Upon returning to my host’s house, he had another American, Dom, staying there. We instantly clicked and he was a pretty laid back guy. I invited him out with the ladies and I. We started off meeting Sandra at her hostel full of other Swedish people. From there we went to Gilligans (main club of Cairns) and made fools of ourselves. It was a great time dancing the night away and using the ladies to score Dom and I free drinks 😉 The rest of the days were spent hanging out with the Swedish ladies and relaxing at the lagoon. The last day before we left, Amanda and I went skydiving over mission beach. Unfortunately, Sandra left a few days earlier to sell her car a couple hours below to some German ladies we met before. It was so bittersweet to say bye. I know I probably annoyed her to an extent but I couldn’t have asked for better travel partners. On Wednesday, Amanda and I flew back to Melbourne.


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