Deception Pass State Park

Deception Pass State Park

A bridge for the gods, connecting two northern islands of Washington over the narrow and rugged channel of water. A perfect day trip from Seattle if you want to see steep cliff drops into a narrow saltwater channel that is surrounded by dense Pacific Northwest woods. The last item I got to check off my PNW before leaving Seattle was walking across the Deception Pass Bridge.

Day Trip Exploring Deception Pass

View from Decption Pass Bridge in Washington.

Deception Pass holds the title of Washington’s most visited state park. After making my trip here, I completely understood why. There are miles of coastlines on the islands and even more miles of trails through Deception Pass State Park. The most popular “hike” or stroll is about a mile long. We crossed over the bridge and then hiked down to the water. Down in the water, we were granted with a few seals swimming by in the raging current.

Walking over the steel bridge known as Deception Pass Bridge was pretty exhilarating. Looking down, you can see the water gushing under the bridge with boats and animals passing by. Looking up, we could see cliffs carved out from the channel and beaches with a ton of driftwood scattered across the sand. Definitely, one of my top highlights while roaming around the Puget Sound. A perfect day getaway for some Pacific Northwest adventure therapy.