Devils Head Fire Tower Lookout Hike

Devils Head Fire Tower Lookout Hike

Located a little over drive from Denver, is an awesome day hike that my friends and I participated in for a friends birthday. Devil’s Head Fire Tower Lookout is the only active fire lookout in the area and provides stunning views of 100 miles in all directions. Like most trails in Colorado, Devil’s Head Tower Lookout hike will be extremely busy on weekends and often during the week.

Getting there by a sedan is possible, but not sure if I would 100% recommend. Maybe it was the way we came in, but the dirt road coming in has a lot of bumps and huge rocks that could tear apart your tires. My small hatchback made it fine but I was definitely worried.

Devils Head Fire Tower Lookout Trail Details

  • 2+ hours round trip.
  • 143 steps to the fire lookout.
  • Gain 950ft in elevation.
  • Overall, moderate day hike.

Devil’s Head Fire Tower Lookout History

The lookout was reconstructed in 1951 and has the same operators the past 25 hours years. Hopefully you’ll be lucky enough to speak to Bill, one of the operators while his wife is the other, who will be more than glad to discuss history, events, or answer any questions you may have. You can find out more of the history here.