Dirtybird BBQ DC

Dirtybird BBQ DC

Dirtybird is a record label that has been on the rise significantly the past few years in the EDM scene. Known for having the best fans, or birds if you will, one will ever see. Great food, grimy beats, and family vibes are what to be expected at any Dirtybird event. Every year, the Dirtybird Father, Claude Von Stroke, hosts barbecues around the U.S. This tour, they were to have barbecues in D.C., Las Vegas, and the Dirtybird headquarters, San Fransico.

Dirtybird D.C. Info

This year was the first year a Dirtybird BBQ was held in Washington D.C. and it was the first bbq to kick off the season. The D.C. Brau Brewery hosted the event in their parking lot hidden behind the brewery. The venue was separated into different sections. In the back was alcohol and tables people can chill out and eat. The alcohol wasn’t allowed to leave this designated area. After the drinking area was the food and merch section. Across the parking lot was a huge tent with the stage where everyone comes to boogie. They had plenty of shade since they put up tents in case it rains and had plenty of bathrooms for attendees which are key things to any event. No one likes overheating or waiting twenty minutes in line to use the toilet.


My Dirtybird Adventure

Shipfam at Dirtybird BBQ Washington D.C.

Dirtybird BBQs are a daytime event and the D.C. one was from 4-9pm with the doors opening at three. After finally getting our squad ready, we made it to the bbq right at 4:30pm – only thirty minutes late! I was fortunate enough to have an artist guest pass that allowed me to go wherever I wanted throughout the festival. Upon entering, attendees are dressed up in silly costumes resembling some sort of Dirtybird reference, smiling faces, and feet stomping beats. Walking around, staff members are hosting all sort of games and competitions. Dirtybirds know how to have a stellar time more than most.

I would hop from backstage where the artists and their friends having a great time, to where my large group of friends was dancing in front of the stage. I personally love getting down with my friends more than sitting backstage. Whenever I needed a break from getting down with my friends, I would go sit to the side of the stage and watch the current Dirtybird playing. From this view, you can see how much fun everyone is really having. It’s hard not to burst out in smiles watching everyone enjoy the tunes.

The Music

Justin Martin at Dirtybird BBQ D.C.

First to open was Weiss and set the bbq off correct. Weiss comes in playing singles everyone can sing along to, mixed with his own personal tracks. He instantly put everyone in the party vibe if they weren’t already and had people migrating to the front of the stage rapidly.

Next up, was hometown heroes from D.C. (well one of them), Walker & Royce, now living up in Brooklyn. These guys were personally the act I was most excited for. Seeing them a couple times prior, they are a duo that ups themselves every performance. Their set was very high energy and kicked the party up a notch.

The young Belgian producer, Kill Frenzy, went up next. Known to have a bit more of a funky vibe, he had everyone slow down a bit after the two high-energy sets. This is an artist who really knows how to bridge gaps in genres and watching his set will take his audience on a bit of a journey.

The people’s favorite, Justin Martin, came to the stage next. Labeled the people’s favorite because no one can hype a crowd quite like Justin. He loves his fans and at any event he attends, you can find him in the crowd dancing and taking photos with his fans. Just go watch his Instagram, which he often live streams him and his encounters with his fans. This high energy is reflected in his sets as well. He has a dedicated fan base that returns the love he shows at every show.

Finally, the papa bird, Claude Von Stroke, took over the stage to close out the event. Voted as America’s Best DJ last year, Claude brings an atmosphere that is nearly impossible to compete with. Watching him, Justin will prove that this is a man who loves his craft and is constantly perfecting it for his fans. Watching his crowd from the stage, you will never see a more loyal fan base. The dirtybirds go all out when their leader takes the stage. Claude brought in the night and closed out the event dirty bird style.

Afterwards, my buddy and I watched as the artists signed autographs and took photos with their fans. As everyone started trickling out, we caught a ride with a couple artists and the owner of U Street Music Hall, where the after party was. Before going into the venue, we stopped at the pizza place across the street. Upon entering, Justin Martin went into party mode live streaming his phone and dancing in the pizza place. Across the street, there was a line that wrapped around the block to get in. Upon seeing this, Just decides to run across the street and almost get nailed by an oncoming car. I went to go watch him as he goes down the line taking pictures and hyping everyone up. I decided to go into the venue before the show started to sit down.

The Afterparty

We brought in the pizza to the venue while everyone was getting things set up before letting entry into the venue. The entry was free if to people who attended the bbq earlier. Kill Frenzy and I practically fell asleep behind the booth as we waited for the show to start. I was pretty exhausted at this point as I haven’t had much time to rest. As they started letting people in, I gained my energy back. I did, however, spend about the first hour hiding in the booth half asleep where no one could see me.

The lineup was everyone who played the bbq earlier besides the king himself. Weiss opened up with Walker and Royce going on after him. Next was a combination of Kill Frenzy and Justin Martin who took turns playing b2b since Kill Frenzy had a redeye flight.

To sum it all up, Dirtybird D.C. was a major success in every aspect. Awesome vibes, artists, and production. Do not pass up a chance to attend a Dirtybird event. There are very few events that can compare to the Dirtybird atmosphere and crowd.

The header/featured image was taken by Kill the Light Photography. You can check out more here.