Durban Days

Durban Days

Durban was heavily remodeled in 2010 for the world cup and proved what tourism can do for a city. The third largest city in South Africa is known for a heavy influence from the Indian population who call this place home. You will find some unique eatery here.

My Adventure

I was only staying about 48 hours in Durban and that’s really all I needed. I stayed in a very nice hostel Curiocity. This was hands down the nicest, cleanest, and hippest hostel I stayed in my entire time in South Africa. I was fairly impressed upon walking in.

Getting Down in Durban for the Day

I got in late night one and did some research on things to do on the following morning. When I woke up, I made friends with my French roommate and we went surfing. The beach was only a two block walk from our hostel so we grabbed boards and walked down.

After a morning of surfing, I wanted to dwell into Durban curry known as bunny chow. Bunny chow is a large piece of hollowed out bread filled with curry. I went to a hole in the wall recommendation from the front desk around the corner. It was delicious! On the way back to the hostel I made a stop in the Spice Emporium.

Upon arrival, my new found French friend asked if I wanted to go to the rugby match. His coworkers were all going and he offered me to tag along. I have never been to a rugby match so this was pretty exciting. I asked my friend I traveled with from Coffee Bay if she wanted to go. She was game!

Getting Down in Durban for the Night

My two friends and I decided we were going to walk to the rugby game which was held at the old stadium. We took a stroll down the Golden Mile. The Golden Mile is a popular stretch of beachfront was redone in 2009 before the Olympics in 2010. This stretch is lined with street performers, bars/restaurants, and piers full of fisherman.

My French friend’s coworkers had box seats for the rugby game.The teams were Durban Sharks vs. Oakland Warthogs. So after having a tailgate party, we made our way into the game. We shortly lost everyone and us three just by ourselves enjoying the game. The home team, Sharks, ended up destroying the other team. When the game ended, the stadium itself turned into a huge party.

We ended the night going to a three-story nightclub called Origin. Origin has multiple stages on each floor that catered to a different style of music. it was practically impossible to not dance inside this venue. I managed to get about two hours of sleep before catching my bus in the morning!