Gold Coast to Brisbane

Gold Coast to Brisbane


Bryon was the last stop in the state of New South Wales, from there we went to the Gold Coast which is right over the Queensland border. We were fortunate enough to stay with an awesome couple, Dillon and Emma, who were the most chilled people so far on our trip. The beach was only an 8-minute walk from their cozy flat also. We arrived late Saturday night and I stayed up talking and goofing off with drunk Meisha (friend from Sydney, Emma’s long time friend) and Emma who just got back from an engagement party. The following morning spent the day with Meisha who had to fly back to Sydney that afternoon. Sunday overall was a chill day on the beach and I ended up cooking several layer nachos for everyone.

The next day, Dill and Emma both had off work and took us to some waterfalls in Currumbin Valley. We spent the entire day hiking around waterfalls and rivers. I also introduce the Aussie to a miracle sandwich of peanut butter, banana, honey, and granola. They were amazed at how good they are. Later that night, my travel partners and I went to Surfers Paradise for the night. We spent a few hours walking along the beach and watching street performers. I have to admit, I was not too impressed with Surfers. Just seemed like a big tourist trap.

Spent the following day hiking around the day back in Coolangatta, which I really enjoyed. The travel partners and I spent the day walking some of the most famous surfing beaches in the world. Overall, I really enjoyed Gold Coast, probably my favorite spot so far on the trip. I wish the waves were better so I could have gone surfing.


From Gold Coast we head to Brisbane, which is Australia’s third largest city. We were staying with another friend of Nathan’s. The guys were a good time and all university students. We pretty much stayed in a bachelor pad, which made for a lot of good times in Brisbane. The first night we got there, we went to South Bank to watch the city light up for the Brisbane Festival. Russell, the guy we stayed with, was nice enough to drive us around and show us a few of his favorite spots. We went to a bar he worked out in West end called “Beer Archive”. It had a large hub of Aussie and international beers. After that, we saw a light show in South Bank which was elegantly lit up. I would have to say our first impression of Brisbane was really good.

Day two was spent roaming the actual city and riding the river ferries. I thought it was pretty cool that they have public transport along the Brisbane river called the city cat. Overall the architecture in Brisbane reminded me a bit of Melbourne. Brisbane definitely had a more modern and artsy feel to it which I enjoyed. The second night Zac, Russell’s housemate, took us out for a big night. We spent the night bar hopping and dancing the night away.

The last day was spent in the West end suburbs, which is home to loads of good cafes in Brisbane. That night we had a picnic on Mount Coot-tha which overalls the entire city of Brisbane. It was such a spectacular sight. Pictures could not do justice of what I was seeing. It was truly a magnificent site.

Overall I think it’s safe to say Brisbane is my second favorite place in Australia as far as cities ago. If I ever left Melbourne I think Brisbane would be on my list. I enjoyed the people, the overall city and the vibe that it gave off. Before I leave this country I will definitely be making another visit to Brisbane. Plus I found a PHILLY CHEESESTEAK PLACE in Brisbane.