Grand Haunted Jerome Hotel

Grand Haunted Jerome Hotel

An old hospital built in the 1920s to be closed in the 1950s then practically abandoned in the 1980s which was bought in the early 1990s to be turned into the Grand Jerome Hotel. How could ANYONE not want to stay here!? This was the most exciting part of our route 89A road trip. The history at the Grand Jerome Hotel is shrouded in mystery and folklore. I could not wait to see what all the haunting was about.

Room 32 at Grand Jerome Hotel

Balcony view of Grand Jerome Hotel

Upon walking into the hotel, you feel the step back in time. Almost as if you step into an alternate timeline of 50 years ago. Upon checking in at the desk, I casually made a comment about asking for the most haunted room. The gentlemen checking me in tells me, “I got you” and hands me a key to room 32.

After taking the original self-service elevator to the third floor, we stepped out in an eerie hallway to our room. Upon opening the door, I realized with the nice balcony view overlooking the valley, this wasn’t the original room I ordered. We got upgraded and I was at first confused as to why. Then I opened my phone and did a quick online search for “Room 32 at Grand Jerome Hotel” and instantly realized the consequences of asking for the most haunted room.

Room 32, has a daunting history of two different suicides taking part in the room. One man jumped over the balcony while a business executive turned a gun on himself. The grim history has attracted ghost hunters from all over to want to stay in this room. Boy was I excited to spend a night in room 32.

Sadly, we heard nor saw anything. Previous accounts of heavy breathing, water faucets turning on, or rickety wheels going down the hall were not experienced in our visit. We set our phone to record all night while we slept, but they also turned out empty. Maybe next time we will get lucky making another visit!