Great Salt Lake and SLC

Great Salt Lake and SLC

If you ask most people about Utah, they will mention a few things. Two of those things will always be Mormons and the Great Salt Lake. Utah was something I was excited to see because it’s so vastly different than most of the U.S. I have a few friends in Salt Lake City and I was off to see them.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City or SLC, first impression was clean it was. Salt Lake was very interesting because as much as there is a Mormon culture, there is a counter-culture. My friend told me, a lot of people come to SLC to escape Mormonism and still be close to their family. Mormon’s still have a huge influence here and The Salt Lake Temple resides here which is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Salt Lake City is a nice mixture of Mormon architecture, a huge college town, and eclectic nightlife scene where everyone knows everyone.

Many people don’t realize this but SLC sits at a high elevation and offers amazing views of Wasatch Range. I was personally not aware of this and was amazed at how beautiful SLC really was.

The Great Salt Lake

After a night in SLC, I took my way to Antelope Island State Park. This was recommended by the locals if I wanted to really check out the Great Salt Lake and what is has to offer, even if the locals think the lake is overrated and not worth it.

On Antelope Island you can find buffalo herds and different views of the Great Salt Lake. The stench of the island can be overwhelming at first and there are clouds of gnats everywhere you go. After spending a couple hours here, it was time for me to move on from Northern Utah.