Hiking Le Morne Summit

Hiking Le Morne Summit

Le Morne is the most popular mountain to the summit in Mauritius. The mountain peninsula is located at the southwestern tip of Mauritius and as of 2008, it is a World Heritage Site. Hiking Le Morne Summit to the top of its summit will provide you stunning views of Mauritius western coast that holds crystal clear lagoons.

Hike Details

The trip will take you solid 3-4 hours to complete from the trailhead to the top. The total distance will be 6km when you finish rising up to 490 meters. The base of the mountain is shaded and pretty level but once you get to the gate (private property of Le Morne) it will become very hot, very quickly.

As I stated above, Le Morne summit is actually private property. To hike it, you’re supposed to arrange a guide that has deals with the landowners. You can find guides by doing a quick google search but you’re looking at 1500MUR. The price is a bit steep and this is why many people opt out of using a guide.

Hiking without a guide is possible and was the way I went. I had local friends who told me the trail I needed to take once I was on the private property. Keep in mind, you are on private property once you pass the gate and I’ve heard stories of people basically bribing land owners. Also, not knowing where to go can be a bit dangerous as you start to summit Le Morne, the path becomes pretty slippery. I didn’t find any of this to be a problem at all though.

Le Morne Hiking Route

Head down the peninsula following signs to the Lux Hotel. Heading down you will see signs for Haras du Morne and turn left to follow the dirt road. At the end of the road, you will find a gate, park here and start your voyage on foot. Start ascending the right-side path that will bring you to the commemorative World Heritage plate of Le Morne. This road will take you halfway around Le Morne and then you will encounter a well-worn trail on your left that begins the ascent of the rocky section.

Once out of the woods you’ll find the first striking viewpoint with views of Ile aux Bénitiers, Le Morne Beach and our exotic sea birds Paille en queue. Ascending the trail from here begins the rocky section and where it starts to get tough. Follow the trail using your hands and the support ropes when needed, eventually, you will reach the pike marked with a white cross. Congratulations! You have made it to the top!

Thank you Explore Mauritius for the map.

Tips Hiking Le Morne Summit

  • Start no later than 7am if you don’t want to die form heat
  • Bring 1 liter per person of water
  • Make sure the trail is trail. It’s slippery when you get to the rope section
  • Pack a light lunch
  • Bathe in sunscreen