La Paz Hit List

La Paz Hit List

La Paz is the sunset dream destination about two hours Northeast of Cabo San Lucas. The vibe is much more laid back and authentic, with a flair of old Spanish architecture. The peaceful town is the gateway to the Sea of Cortez.

Places To Eat in La Paz

A small ex-pat community brings in an international flare to mix with the local cuisine.

  • Sushi Long – La Paz is known with the local crowd as the sushi city in Mexico. This little food truck goes off at dinner time.
  • Bandidos – An “American” style burger joint. The grill is under the hood of an old 50s truck.
  • Taco Fish La Paz – it’s all in the name.
  • LA PAQUIZA – That hole in the wall Mexican joint.
  • Nim – fancy date night spot with eclectic decor.
  • Mariscos el toro güero – where you want to eat seafood.
  • Capuchino – coffee cafe

Go Explore Playa Balandra

Playa Balandra Blue Beaches in Baja California

Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Baja, California Sur. The white desert sands clash into the clear light blue lagoon from the Sea of Cortez. Located about 40 mins Northeast of La Paz, the road follows the shore mostly up so it’s a scenic drive. This is not a tourist trap beach surrounded by hotels or resorts, it’s rather remote that you will find where locals like to spend their time. Get here early if you want to snag a hut or make sure to bring an umbrella of your own.

El Hongo

La Playa Balandra is home to “El Hongo” or the mushroom-shaped rock. After parking in the parking lot, you can walk around the corner (via water or mountains) to find the Mushroom shaped rock. Just don’t go barefoot as the rocks are pretty sharp if you want to take a picture by it.

Street Art

La Paz Street Mural

While Todos Santos holds the artsy city title for  Baja California, La Paz dominates in street art that can mostly be found around the Malecon and town center. In 2017, an artist collective called Colectivo Tomate was hired to turn the capital city into an urban art masterpiece. Take a walk and explore all the murals and sculptures that bring La Paz a vibrant flair of urban creativity. Here is a guide pdf (en Español) if you wanna check it out.

Sunsets on the Malecon

The Malecon is a 5.5km (3.4miles) stretch of boardwalk along the beaches of La Paz. Along the stroll you will there are tiny beaches, sculptures, and a pier to enjoy. As the sun starts to set, the city seems to pause as everyone makes their way down to the Malecon and watch the final hours of daylight paint the sky.