Melbourne to Adelaide

Melbourne to Adelaide

I took a 4 day trip from Melbourne to Adelaide.

I and two awesome ladies took a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road. Very grateful to have two ladies who were down for adventure and we had a great time!

We picked up the Wicked Campervan from Melbourne around 1 pm. For those who have no idea what Wicked is, you can check them out here. We were a bit late getting off. Our 1st stop was Torquay. From Torquay drove to our camp site on Aire River.

Rained late Thursday night till early hours of Friday morning. Woke up early to start driving to the Great Ocean Road sites. Spent some time at scenic looks outs, the twelve apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell, and Tower Hill. At Tower Hill, we were surrounded by kangaroos everywhere. Drove all the way to about two hours outside Adelaide where we camped and ate s’mores for the night.

Woke up to get to Adelaide before 11:30am, because we had to turn the van in by then. From there we got taken to a nice hostel with a bunch of Irish men. Needless to say, the next 24 hours of my diet was liquid. Picked up another American girl, Allison from NC, at the hostel to come out while a guy I met off Couchsurfing, Ian, showed us around Adelaide. Ian walked us around and took us to his favorite drinking spots. We called it an earlier night considering we had to fly back home early Sunday.