Mija Crashes NV’D Lounge

Mija Crashes NV’D Lounge

There is an art of partying and it is perfected over at Envy’d Lounge. A friend of mine transformed his room over the garage into an eclectic rave cave. Complete set up with a bar, sound system, lasers, and fog machine. I absolutely love making a visit whenever I can. It’s an intimate experience with close friends and awesome artists. The past one I went to had Mija come party with us. She was nothing short of incredible.

The Lake Party

Party at Mountain Island Lake

During the day, a lake party event was set up for Mija, Golf Clap, and Aylen to play. The lake party consists of everyone meeting at Mountain Island lake and having a blast under the sun. A generator and decks are brought out for the artists to play right on the shore. Meanwhile, the artists are surrounded by everyone dancing or lounging around on floats. We spent several hours here dancing, laughing, and making new connections. Once the sun started to go down, the remaining crew picked everything up and we headed back to Envy’d Lounge.

Envy’d Lounge Party

Envyd Lounge Setup

After cleaning myself, it was time to head back to Envy’d Lounge where the night party will commence. Basically, it’s an all night party that leads to trap breakfast in the morning. Friends travel all over to make it to these events. It’s great to see friends I have such a special connections with. The night party was pretty laid back as most of us were exhausted from playing in the sun all day. Throughout the night, Golf Clap + Mija took turns playing all night. In between, the artists were sitting around with everyone else and enjoying the conversations. It’s pretty cool to sit next to people you’ve seen on large stages to play for thousands upon thousands of fans. Mija was down to Earth and I had a blast hanging out with her.

Envy’d Lounge parties have proven to spoil me when it comes to “shows.” I appreciate the close group of friends I have and the opportunities presented to me because of them. Thanks for the amazing weekend Envy’d Lounge.