5 Music Festival Tips

Going to your first music festival can be overwhelming. I’m here to help make your life easier and give you some music festival pro tips I’ve learned along the way. Be sure to check out my music festival packing guide before you go as well!

  1. Practice setting up your tent and equipment. If you get to camp in the dark and have never set your tent up before, it’s going to get tricky. Also, we want to make sure you have all the pieces beforehand. Don’t party too hard before setting up camp or procrastinate too long… this combo will set you up for failure.
  2. Shower in the evening. Plan to take your shower during the evening time to skip the line. You will quickly learn that in the morning, the shower line will be backed up and most likely run out of hot water. During the evening there are usually no lines and hot water.
  3. The first day you’re there, make sure to go explore the places before night time. Learning the festival grounds is key, especially at night when you may not be in a sober state of mind. I learned this the hard way a few times.
  4. Set a meeting point with your group. Have an assembly point for you and your squad in case anyone gets lost or if you want to meet after a certain set. This makes it much easier than trying to reach people by the phone.
  5. DO NOT RELY ON TECHNOLOGY – don’t rely on your phone for the lineup, contacting friends, or anything else. Your life will be easier if you print out a map or two along with some schedules. I even suggest separating the schedules by day.

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