Natural Bridge Virginia

Natural Bridge Virginia

The Natural Bridge Virginia is on the National Register of Historic Places and was once owned by Thomas Jefferson. Every American should make a trip out to this bridge carved naturally out of limestone by Cedar Creek. This Virginia State Park offers beautiful stroll through nature, history information, shops for souvenirs, and cafes to sit down and eat. George Washington’s initials are even carved in the limestone!

Being from Virginia, I couldn’t believe I haven’t been yet so we had to stop when we were close. My travel partner actually had never been either. Since it was a small detour from our trip, we had to make a stop.

Natural Bridge Virginia Journey

My travel partner and I made it to the Natural Bridge with about an hour and a half before dusk. Every day the park shuts down at dusk, so the time can vary depending on when you. We were really excited to be able to find a parking spot right up front as the park was pretty deserted. We went in and took a loop around the shop which contained your typical tourist souvenirs. After paying $8 for our entry fee, we made our way down the steps and outside towards the bridge.

From the museum/shop to the bridge is a five-minute walk. However, the park does offer miles on miles of trails for anyone looking to do a bit more. The walk from the museum to the bridge is beautifully landscaped and carves around large limestone walls. After having our tickets verified, we turned the corner to see the bridge. The bridge was much more spectacular in person. The path goes directly under and provides multiple angles for viewing the bridge. We were able to get some nice photos with the park being empty. After spending about forty-five minutes here, we decided to make our way out. It was a great experience and was amazing to finally knock off this history item off my bucket list.