New South Wales

New South Wales

So after Sydney, we had the rest of the coast of New South Wales to get to Queensland.

Blue Mountains

The day after Sydney we took a trek to the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains is one of most famous National Parks in Australia. Unfortunately, the day we went it was foggy and rainy, which lead us to not being able to spend much time as we wish we could have. We trekked around for a couple hours and was able to complete a few trails. After an evening coffee in the mountains, we decided to continue onward.

New Castle

So Newcastle was an Australian beach town with a bit of flare, with a combination of a major uni and coal exports. We stayed with benny (a friend of mines cousin) for about two days. Benny was an excellent tour guide and spent the day showing us around. We spent most of the days walking the beach and harbor. I would have to say the harbor was my favorite part as its lines with tons of bars and restaurants overlooking the harbor.

Port Macquarie

From Newcastle we drove to Port Macquarie for a few days. Port Macquarie, is a hidden gem and isn’t exactly right off the highway. What interested me in going here is one of my first Australian friends I met was from here and he highly recommended it. I must say, I was glad I listened. We ended up staying with a couch surfer who practically has a mansion right on the main beach there. A total of 7 other couch surfers stayed at his house, needless to say, it made for an interesting time. The days were spent exploring the beaches (stumbling across nude ones) and nights drinking with a bunch of people form all over the world. In the end, the mix was two Aussie(the host and his son), 2 Spanish, 1 Israeli, 1, Argentinian, 1 American, 1 Swedish, 1 Dutch, and 1 French traveler. The two days here was spent with beautiful people and beautiful weather.