New Zealand – North Island

New Zealand – North Island

Crossing from the South Island to the North Island you have to take a ferry that takes approximately two hours. Here you load up your car and take in the view as you go.


Our first stop was the city of Wellington. Here I had a mate, Lucy, that I met in Aussie. She was originally from Wellington, so we spent our time here exploring with here. before we left Wellington, Nina, my Swedish travel partner, flew back to Aussie. From Wellington, we went to Masteron, where my friend Lucy grew up.

Tongariro crossing

If you’ve watched Lord of the Rings, then you are familiar with this place. This place is home to the most popular hiking destination in New Zealand, so you know we had to do it. Hiking along the volcanic rock, you will come across emerald lakes, waterfalls and craters. the beauty of this place is absolutely unreal. Everyone needs to make a visit to this National Park before they die.

Waitonomo Caves

The glow worm caves of New Zealand. Here we took a cave rafting tour where you experience absolute darkness and the walls light up with glow worms. Also, at night we visited the nearby forests at our campsite which were lit up with glow worms.

Hotwater Beaches

This place is where you can dig a hole in the sand and have a hot tub. You go get a shovel and dig a hole for you and your friends to sit in. It’s a natural hot tub, thanks, geothermal! Around nearby is Cathedral Cove, which is another famous landmark for Lord of the rings fans.


The end destination of our amazing round trip around New Zealand. Here my friend Emma and I had plans to get tattoos from a famous artist named Capilli. This was something I was REALLY excited about. I’m not one for much of pictures of souvenirs, so this was big for me. Auckland was a pretty cool city, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed other places.