NV’D Records Presents: Destructo

NV’D Records Presents: Destructo

The name NV’D Records has been established in the underground house scene of EDM. What started as an idea from the creator Kory to set up a small summer camp festival, has exploded into a full-blown reputable brand. NV’D Records is known for great vibes and intimate shows with artists in a house party vibe.

Destructo Comes to Party

The largest name yet to play at Envy’d Lounge (Kory’s lounge in his personal house) was announced. Instantly, the NV’D fans started lining up to make a trip to North Carolina. Destructo, real name Gary Richards, was the underlining influence for what started NV’D Records. Gary creating Holy Ship, which brought the NV’D Records fam together and many years later, influence the creation of NV’D Records.

To kick off Autumn, Kory decided to throw one last lake party. The lake party then would transition into an all-night party at Envy’d Lounge. The lake party was completed with an NV’D Barge. The barge is exactly what it sounds like, a floating DJ booth. Once the sun went down, the party migrated slowly over to the Envy’d Lounge. The rest of the night was spent watching an intimate set from Destructo with great friends.

Featured image by Niko Flacka Festival Photgraphy.