Page Arizona’s Awesomeness

Page Arizona’s Awesomeness

Page, Arizona was home to probably the most excited thing I wanted to do on my West Coast trip…. The Antelope Canyon. Page is also home to Horshoe Bend, Lake Powell, and other nearby national monuments. I came to Page, Arizona for two things: Antelope Canyon and Horshoe Bend.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Do you have a recent windows computer? Well guess what? One of the default backgrounds is a shot of Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is a slot created on the Navajo Reservation by wind and water. Famous for stunning photography pictures that reflect colors of blue and red light while in the canyon and actually relatively inexpensive. I went through Ken’s Tours.

After camping in a nearby park, I set my sights to Lower Antelope Canyon. Lucky for me, I came during off season so I was able to walk up and join a tour right away. Also, the tour was more relaxed and didn’t feel rushed because it was off season. Our guide said they had time so we moved our way very slowly through the canyon. She filled us with stories of her tribe and what the canyons mean to her culture. Also, she was very helpful in taking pictures with everyone.

Since the Antelope Canyon is on a reservation, you do HAVE to have a guide and you do HAVE to pay to enter the land.

Horseshoe Bend

While driving into Page, I drove right past Horseshoe Bend which is a short pullover stop and less than a mile hike to see the bend. As you can see in the picture above, it’s apporiately called Horeshoe Bend the way the Colorado river carved into the rock. I actually found out about Horseshoe Bend more recently on a tumblr post. When I found out it was right next to Antelope Canyon, I 100% had to go see it for my own eyes.