Pretty Lights Telluride

Pretty Lights Telluride

Pretty Lights is one of my favorite music artists to date. Over the past years, I have seen him play many festivals and shows in multiple countries. He recently started his own festival that falls right around my birthday in Colorado. I 100% had to be there.

The History

Telluride is a small mountain town located in Southwest Colorado. Famous for its coziness and top notch skiing, Telluride is also home for heaps of summertime adventures. The largest free-falling waterfall is located ten mins out of town and can almost see it from the town square. From Denver alone, it takes almost 6.5 hours to get there. From travelers and native Coloradans alike have mentioned that Telluride itself is a 100% must see place while in Colorado. It seems Pretty Lights had picked up a really awesome venue.

Pretty Lights started his own small two-day festival in Telluride in 2014. Just moving to Colorado at this time, I didn’t have the funds to go the first year. The town of Telluride is filled with festival goers to see a handpicked line-up from pretty Lights. He personally plays extended sets every night. Since the festival is in the middle of town practically, it does end a bit early but there are plenty of after parties to check out.

Combine the two for Pretty Lights Telluride

The Vibe

I knew the venue with this type of music was going to be really good. The stage was set right at the base of the mountains and was absolutely gorgeous. You’re in a valley surrounded by mountains while listening to music. I don’t think it can get too much better than that. The staff was pretty relaxed entering the festival and there was a ton of room in the stage area itself. Nothing felt too crowded beside riding the gondola back after the show ended.

I will be the first to admit that Pretty Lights fan base does not have the best reputation. Infamous for party favors and to live up to a certain stereotype we in America like to calls the wooks. Wooks are known to be dirty, half brain fried, and pretty much bums.

My Festival

My best friend and I planned to make a small road trip out of this for my birthday. She and I mapped out a couple stops we wanted to see on the way there and back, which one was a National Park.Upon arriving in telluride, a group of about 20 of us had rented two townhouses right next to each other. They were your typical ski rental houses that were beautifully all made out of wood, had a ton of bedrooms, and each had a hot tub.

I couldn’t get over how beautiful telluride was the entire time I was there. The town, the venue, and everything that surrounded the town. Every direction you look was snow capped mountains. The little town had all locally owned shops and restaurants. During the days we would hang out or explore the town, at night go to the venue, and then after go have a party with numerous friends who were in attendance.

The last day, my friends Morgan, Lauren and I went hiking Bridal Veil Falls which is the highest free-falling waterfall. This was something all three of us wanted to do while we were out there. Was definitely a nice way to close out the weekend.


I am a bit biased here, but I left Pretty Lights Telluride with a completely different take on music events. I loved every single part of it. It was an awesome venue, I went with awesome people, and it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. I highly recommend anyone to go. Tickets are cheap and can usually buy resale for even cheaper. Telluride is a magical place that was the perfect spot for this event.