Redwoods National Park – Home of the Tallest Trees

Redwoods National Park – Home of the Tallest Trees

The Redwoods have been on my bucket list for as long I could remember. Home to the tallest trees on Earth, I have dreamed hugging these big trees. Obviously, this was one of the mandatory stops while I was checking out what the West Coast had to offer.

First Impression of Redwoods National Park

The drive into Redwoods towards the campsite I was staying at for the evening took my breath away. Coming down from Oregon, I gradually entered the mystical place of Humboldt county, home to the Redwoods National park. My campsite I stayed, Gold Bluffs Campsite, was absolutely stunning site on the beach. It was really cool to see these huge trees right along the coastline. Within ten seconds of being here, I knew I was going to love this place.

Lady Bird Johnson Trail

Upon waking up, I made a venture to the information booth to see which day hike I should pick. All the staff agreed for me to check out the Lady Bird Johnson Trail. This hike was not technically a day hike, but with this and driving through Avenue of Giants, the park rangers said I would not be disappointed.

This trail in the Redwoods National Park was a 1.4-mile loop right in the heart of the park. Here I was able to walk a footpath along the side of giant Redwoods. I’m glad the site was pretty empty because my jaw was probably just dropped the entire time. I’ve never felt the magic that I did at Redwoods National Park.

Avenue of Giants

After concluding my hike, I took a drive down the Avenue of Giants. Avenue of Giants used to be part od the historic highway 101. This 30+ miles stretch is completely engulfed by Redwoods. Along the route are some popular stops such as Immortal Tree, Drive-Through Tree (update: this has recently been torn own by a storm.), and lots of small walks.

Reflecting back brings back the magic feeling of touching and seeing these trees. I would, without a doubt, head back to Redwoods any day.