Route 276: Southern Section – Pisgah Forest

Route 276: Southern Section – Pisgah Forest

Route 276, also known as, Forest Heritage National Scenic Byway, is appropriately named. A beautiful and scenic route, packed with amazing things to see and do. My travel partner and I took a day to explore the southern section of 276 located in Pisgah National Forest. The southern route of 276 in Pisgah is located Brevard and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Sliding Rock

One of the most popular attractions, Sliding Rock is summer favorite all natural rock slide. You pay a small fee to enter and park. Once you pay, they have maintained bathrooms to change into your swimming gear. They have a couple observation points where you can watch people scream with excitement as they get flushed down the natural water slide with 11,000 gallons of cool refreshing water.

Luckily for us, we barely had anyone there and it was a hot day. We were able to ride the slide pretty much as we want with a minute or two wait. Be prepared, it was a bumpy ride! After about three slides, I called it quits!

Looking Glass Falls

This 60-foot waterfall is super easy to access which makes this a super popular spot. Spectators can view the falls from the parking area or get up close and personal by following the steps down. On a hot summer day, there will be crowds of people taking a dip at the base of the falls.

We spent a bit of time here checking out the magnificent waterfall from a bunch of different angles. We enjoyed it up close and personal in the water, from a path that leads behind (super slippery), and the observation point by the parking lot.

Moore Cove Falls

This little gem is right between Looking Glass and Sliding Rock. The 1.5-mile loop trail starts by crossing over Moore Creek via a wooden pedestrian bridge. The hike is accessible and children will have no problem making the trek. At the end of the trail lies a natural shower like waterfall. Upon seeing this waterfall, I just wanted to strip my clothes off and run under it. Moore Cave Falls was my personal favorite on this section of the highway.