Sante Fe for Meow Wolf

Sante Fe for Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf has been all the hype the past few years. The arts and entertainment group is famous for putting on immersive exhibits that blow your mind. The best part? They opened a venue inside the Santa Fe location! Now that I’m located in the southwest, it was time to venture over. The exhibit I was able to visit was called, The House of Eternal Return.

Meow Wolf Expierence

A group of us booked a motel six within walking distance of the converted bowling alley. There are quite a few hotels to pick from within minutes walking distance. When attending a show, they open the exhibits early to explore before the show starts. During the show, they leave the exhibits open till about an hour before closing time. So at anytime you can walk through a hallway and be in the exhibits! Since the theme is based off a house, each exhibit plays on that. You can walk through fridges into illuminated hallways, slide through disco washers, or play in the forever blooming and colorful backyard.

The stage area inside too matches the meow wolf theme, which is one giant interactive house party. The stage is surrounded by tree forts and has an outside bar area. You are able to drink inside the venue area, but don’t take them into the actual exhibits. I absolutely loved finally making a trip out here. I can’t wait till they open more locations.

I’m going to let my photos do the rest of the talking and see what this psychedelic experience is like.