Sedona Hit List

Sedona Hit List

I fell love with Sedona and just Northern Arizona in general during my time in Phoenix. The entire town is surrounded by Red Rocks that clash with the green forests.


  • Devil’s Bridge – the most popular and overcrowded hike in Sedona. I still think its worth it but go early. The normal parking lot gets full and fast. However, there is a back entrance on Long Canyon Road along the Chuck Wagon Trail. The “back entrance is a solid mile added to the trip but less crowded.
  • Cathedral Rock – another super touristy hike that is pretty short and straight up hill to a view of a Sedona vortex.
  • Doe Mountain – less crowded hike that lets you summit a mesa.
  • Aerie Trail – a not so well known trail that offers a decent hike through the red rock terrain.
  • Dogie Trail – an off the path trail that offers overnight camping that is pretty removed from other people. The road is gravel but most cars shouldn’t have a problem.
  • Bear Mountain – a pretty strenuous but rewarding hike. Be prepared for some rock scrambles.
  • Airport Mesa – an easier hike that is popular for nighttime stargazing


Wildflower Bakery – $$ – Arizona chain that mimics Panera Bread.

Mariposa – $$$ – swanky latin date night spot that offers incredible views of red rock. This place requires reservations weeks in advance unless you can sneak in during lunch time.

Elote – $$$ – A southwestern staple in Sedona that doesn’t take reservations. Be prepared to wait about an hour but they serve margs while you wait.

Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen – $$ – best pizza in Sedona.

Thai Spices – $$ – delicious Thai food that follows the macrobiotic diet

Enchantment Resort – $$$$ -An expensive resort with a resturant not great for food but worth having a drink for the view.

ChocolaTree – $$ – everyone in Sedona favorite spot for American fair and mouth watering vegetarian sweets.

Mediate in Sedona’s Most Spiritual Vortex

Make a trip to Amitabha Stupa, which is proclaimed to be Sedona’s most spiritual vortex. The  Amitabha Stupa is a buddhist shrine that is sought out for spiritual renewal. Definitely worth a visit and go sit and meditate for awhile.

UFO Hunting

Outside Area 52, Sedona is held as America’s hot spot for UFO sightings. They are proud of their vortex and ufo tours and there are plenty of them. However, you can skip the tours and go adventure for yourself. South of Sedona is Forest Road 525. It will be a dirt road but leads into very popular UFO sight seeing spots. Also great for free camping!

Get Your Aura Read

There is a plethora of places to get your aura and psychic reading done in Sedona. After all, one of Sedona’s known for its spiritual calling and there is no lack of energy here.

Explore Art Galleries

First, Sedona has a first Friday if you are there the beginning of the month. No worries, if you miss it, Sedona galleries are open year round and offer some unique perspectives on the desert landscape. The Sedona Chamber of Commerce made a great map to follow.