Extended Stay in Bend, Oregon

Extended Stay in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is an adventure seeker’s dream of a small city located in Deschutes County, Oregon. The Deschutes National Forest surrounds Bend to the South and West. The foliage and forests come to a halt at Bend where the high desert scenery comes to life. East and North of Bend lie a landscape vast from the other directions. The landscape is dry, sandy, and craggy as far as the eyes can see. Bend is your passport to the top adventures of Oregon.

Downtown Bend

The outskirts of Bend seem a bit bleak, shady, and just a typical small suburban city. The heart of Bend is brought to life with the Deschutes River pumping through. Here is where the true beauty of Bend lies. Everything is lush downtown and offers a glimpse into the wild west architecture. Strolling around the river you can find people enjoying the shade and playing at parks. The river walk is surrounded by blocks of breweries, artsy shopping, and family owned restaurants. The thrift stores in Bend were some of my favorite I came across.

Bend Breweries

Bend is a beer lovers paradise and one of the top qualities mentioned by visitors and locals alike. This small town is known as the highest breweries per capita. As of 2017, there are 22 breweries total in bed. The ale trail provides a suggest map of the breweries surrounding bend. The ones I visited are below:

  • Deschutes – the most popular brewery and largest brewery in Bend. Deschutes is known on an international level with winning many beer accolades.
  • 10 Barrel Brewing – this was a brewery that was placed right next to my old office in Denver before I left. I was excited to check it out in their hometime.
  • Sunriver – this one we stumbled upon ourselves on my way back from some of the Lava trail. I visited the one in Sunriver which is a cute resort town. there is one located in downtown Bend as well.
  • Silver Moon – recommended form a local we met as one of his favorites. This one is a few blocks off the main strip but totally worth the stop. Much more intimate experience than the bigger ones such as Deschutes and 10 Barrel.
  • Worthy Brewing – another one that was recommended by the same local. This brewery, however, is on the outskirts of town and you will find more locals here than the others.
The Locals Bar

D & D or, “the D” as our local tip giver told us was the locals’ hangout. Here was a tavern with a locals feel where everyone knew everyone. The place was nothing extraordinary as they served pub food but had cheap drinks. it was nice to be in a place that wasn’t full of tourists.