Stumbling Across Sunflowers in North Melbourne

Stumbling Across Sunflowers in North Melbourne

A couple weeks ago I was on my way back from Brunswick after a day of skating with a homie. As I was jamming out in my head, I looked over and caught a glimpse of an empty industrial lot full of sunflowers. Of course, I jumped off the next station to see if my eyes were deceiving me or not.

As I skated out of the Macaulay station I went about four blocks before finding the sunflower patch. Needless to say, I was in absolute awe. My eyes were not deceiving me as I started to wonder through the Sunflowers in North Melbourne. I had an iPad on me and started snapping photos. After about 5 minutes I see a car pulling up, which made me a bit uneasy because I was unsure if I was even allowed on the property.

Long story short, I meet Paul who is a professional photographer from Melbourne and shoots news articles mostly for the Herald Sun. After a brief discussion, I spent the next 45 minutes helping Paul take pictures for the newspaper, which he informed me would be in the Herald Sun the next couple of days.

This is our pictures from the sunflower patch in North Melbourne:

Chillen’ with sunflowers

Strolling through the field

If you come across the Sunflowers in North Melbourne, please treat them with respect. Since I discovered them back in the end of January, I have seen them come up on a topic a lot. I believe everyone should experience this beautiful site, but let’s not destroy another beautiful aspect that Melbourne has to offer.