Surfing Sydney

Surfing Sydney

Bondi Beach

The beginning of my trip, I was lucky enough to stay with my friend’s sister Meisha and her housemates. I must say they were the most fun I had since the whole trip. The first two days were spent surfing Bondi Beach. Meisha was absolutely splendid and I really enjoyed spending two days along the beach. The second day Meisha and I went Camp Cove which was a little more laid back. Overall it was nice to have such an amazing tour guide for the first two days in Sydney. I truly enjoyed her and her friends.

Tourist Days

Unfortunately, Meisha had work from Thursday till shortly before I left, so I spent my other days with my travelers who were staying with a Couchsurfing host. Friday I spent the day with my Swedish wanderer Sandra and we roamed around the city. I was able to ride a ferry and get a few nice pictures of the Opera House and the bridge. Spent the night going out with Sean, their Couchsurfing host to a few of his favorite spots.

Saturday Was spent with my lovely friend Kristen from Tennessee. Kristen and I met on Couchsurfing and then she recently came to Sydney. Kristen, Amanda (my Argentinian wanderer in crime) and I spent the day roaming the city since I really didn’t spend much time in the city. I must admit, I was not fairly impressed with Sydney. Nothing really spectacular and crazy expensive. It was nice though to talk with Kristen for the day. We spent Saturday night watching fireworks in Darling Harbor and then ending with a party.

Overall I enjoyed the people I met in Sydney the most. I couldn’t be more grateful for the people I met in Sydney. I really hope to see the friends I made again before I leave this country. My next post will be the rest of New South Wales beaches we will be visiting!