Tolmie Peak

Tolmie Peak

Tolmie Peak Lookout trail the most stunning view of Mt. Rainier, the most iconic mountain in Washington seen from Seattle. Mt. Rainier, the highest peak mountain of the Cascade Mountain Range is famously photographed in Seattle’s skyline. Tolmie Peak Lookout is a trail to a fire lookout that overlooks Eunice Lake while Mt. Rainer jumps out at you in the background.

Getting to the fire lookout

Hiking by a pond to Tolmie Peak

The hike took us around ninety-minutes to reach the fire lookout. We started at the end of Mowich Lake Road. Once you clear the road you will shortly walk up by Mowach lake, which we saw through the trees. We kept trekking which quickly brought us to Eunice Lake, the lake you see from the fire lookout. End of summer brought a ton of wild berries which lined the incline up to the fire lookout from Eunice Lake. After passing through the berry patches, we came to the switchbacks. The top of the switchbacks has a set of stairs we took to the final incline.

After summiting Tolmie Peak, we were provided with the most spectacular view of Mt. Rainer. A perfect spot to sit and each lunch. Tomlie Peak was definitely my favorite view of Mt. Rainer!