Tulip Festival in Skagit County

Tulip Festival in Skagit County

Colorful tulips are celebrated during the month of April in Skagit County, WA for the Tulip Festival. During the month of April, thousands of people venture to two tulip farms. Though technically a driving tour, you will find many people pulled over taking pictures of the gardens. The end of the month, the town Mt. Vernon, has a street fair that closes down a couple blocks. Here you can find your typical street fair stuff such as handmade jewelry, crafts, arts, and carnival-style food. I personally recommend going towards the end of the month as most of the tulips should have bloomed by them. Please be respectful while driving around. There are a ton of parking friendly spots but even more no parking spots around the back roads. The cops are quick to write tickets in the no parking zone.

The main attractions are the two farms that produce on acres upon acres of garden displays ready for your Instagram photos.


This farm is dedicated to selling flowers and is the main sponsor of the Tulip Festival. They set up a 5-acre display that you can venture through for vivid photo opportunities. In the middle of a field is a picturesque windmill that you can find with photos tagged at Rozengaarde. They do have a small admission fee that allows you to park in designated areas around their farm.

They are open year round and host other bloom gardens such as daffodils. They’re a main player in selling flowers bulbs, including 150 different varieties of tulips you can order.

Tulip Town

The other big farm is Tulip Town. They pride themselves on being a Veteran Memorial Garden that dedicates different sections of their farm to war veterans. Here they have fresh tulip bouquets out front to sell. A huge indoor greenhouse that houses a large mural dedicated to scenes of Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley and a variety of tulip related things to buy.