Free Camping in Sedona Arizona

Free Camping in Sedona Arizona

Sedona is absolutely one of my favorite towns in the US. Make sure to check out my things to do in Sedona Hit List if you’re making a trip out there. This red-rock dreamland is home to some of my favorite free camping. Below are details on free camping in Sedona, Arizona along forest roads 89B and 525. I personally recommend heading back on 525 about four miles for the best views.

From Cottonwood Arizona

Heading from Cottonwood head up 89 North about ten miles you’ll see a sign for Page Springs exit as a heads up. THIS IS NOT free camping but a sign that you’re extremely close. Shortly after you’ll pass a scenic view and then will see two small forest road brown signs. 89B will be on you’re right and 525 will be on your left.

From Sedona Arizona

head south down 89A leaving west Sedona. After about 7.5 miles on 89A, you’ll see the brown forest road signs for 89B and 525. Road 525 will be on your right, which I recommend for camping and 89B will be on your left. If you see the Page Springs exit you have gone too far and will need to turn around.

Camping on 89B

On 89B, you’ll see a sign that says Deer Pass Trailhead – these are the only bathrooms that are typically open 8 – 8. At the end of 89B, there is a day-use area right not the river that’s awesome for a good morning swim. I highly recommend coming here during the day for a nice relaxing spot to cool off. The scenery here lacks in comparison to the other side on 525.

Camping on 525

Heading down 525 in the first mile will be a lot of RV camping where most of the area is pretty open and accessible. As you go down, you’ll pass 525C which has some more free camping sites. If you stay on 525 and drive about 4 miles, you will find where the best views are. Here the sun sets against the red rock and was absolutely stunning. Also, at night, 525 is infamous for UFO sightings if that’s your thing. After six miles, you’ll come towards the end of 525 and hit a three-way intersection. If you head left. There is more legal camping on the left side.