Tarot Therapy

Tarot Therapy

Tarot is historically notoriously known as a tool of divination and witchcraft, people claim they have magical and mystical powers. use them as a psychoanalytic tool to help people tell stories and control their mental health. We all have our ego, an unspoken voice, tucked away inside that sometimes needs help to connect the dots or see things from a different perspective. A tarot deck is entrenched with esoteric symbols and archetypes that help produce different variations of our stories so we can help see past our own biases. The tarot is not here to control your fate, they exist to help tell your story and connect deeply with your unconscious mind.

The Process

I have a Notion template I use for people I do sessions with and an internal journal I use daily. I start off first with liking to collect different information and writing it down:

  1. Name
  2. Current Date / Zodiac – no I don’t believe in it but it helps add another perspective and spin
  3. Birthdate
  4. Their Astrology Sign
  5. Current Moon Phase


I first hand the deck to the querent who will spend about a minute thinking of their question to discuss. They will shuffle the tarot deck however they feel fit and focus their energy on the question. The question is meant to be open-ended and provide thought-provoking discussions. Questions that begin with, “how, why, or what” are a good way to frame the question.

Next, the querent will break the deck into three piles and place them onto my blanket / handkerchief. I ask them from left to right to flip over the cards slowly and take them in. In relation to the querent, each pile repersents a different state we will tell the story.

  • Left Pile: Thinking – We start here with how we can think about the question.
  • Center Pile: Feeling – How should we be feeling about the question?
  • Right Pile: Doing – How do we proceed in the current moment?

The Discussion

Once the cards are flipped I ask the querent or myself what sticks out and speaks to me about each card. I think to tell them the “definition” of the card and what it can represent. Once we do this for each card, we use them to tell a story that uses techniques/teachings from Jungian theory and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The person can tell their story, explore thoughts and feelings, and dive into their subconscious. The end goal is to walk away with a better understanding of yourself.