Ujjayi Breathing

Ujjayi Breathing

One of the most common forms of pranayama or, breath control, out there. Ujjayi is a Sanskrit word that means “one who is victorious;” so Ujjayi breath means “breath of victory” or “victorious breath.” Can often be referred to as ocean breathing as well. The first week of my yoga journey had one day spent learning Ujjayi breathing to maintain a rhythm as I started flow yoga. I then took Ujjayi breathing further by using a Pomodoro timer break while working.

Science-Backed Benefits

The breath flows directly in tandem with the mind and the connection between the two is attracting research studies and a lot of them. These studies have found that practicing slowing your breath and practicing control of your breath:

How to do Ujjayi breathing

Inhalation and exhalation both flow through only our nose in ujjayi breathing. My online yoga instructor taught me this audible breathing technique as follow:

  1. Sit up in a lotus, half-lotus, or whatever upright sitting position you’re comfortable with.
  2. Keep your mouth closes and breathing rhyme will slightly deeper than normal pace. Think deep snoring vibes.
  3. As you breathe in through your nose, constrict your throat slightly to feel the air tickle the back of your throat.
  4. Consciously follow your brother into your diagram which is controlling your breathing.
  5. Exhaling the breath with the same restriction and duration as the inhale, making another softly, audible, snoring-like sound.